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    High Security Locks Services

    It is only natural that you spare no expense when it comes to the security of your home and your car.

    That is why there are high security locks that are created for the purpose of ensuring maximum security for your property.

    Security Lock Types

    If you are looking to choose the right security lock for your property, the most essential thing is to determine the specific need of the property itself and the location where the security will be installed.

    Various doors typically require altogether different types of locks.

    Hence, it is imperative that you keep in mind the material that the lock is made of.

    Almost all of the locks nowadays have been manufactured out of various types of steel, such as stainless, galvanized, and solid or reinforced.

    However, you can also find them made out of iron or nickel.

    There are various types of locks that are available on the market, each of them having specific characteristics.

    Cylinder Lock

    Cylinder locks are perhaps the most common out of the locks.

    Moreover, their name has been adapted from the cylindrical body structure of its central part, which also has a pear-shaped body.

    This particular lock can be located in various types, such as high security locks that are equipped with the anti-bumping, the anti-extraction, as well as the anti-drill and anti-lockpick cylinders, in order to address various needs.

    Mortise Locks

    Mortise locks are often equipped with a device in its handle, which is used in order to open it from the inside, therefore making the bolt move.

    In tradition, they are installed on bathrooms as well as internal home doors in order to separate one area from the other, and then have it opened from the inside.

    Rim Locks

    Rim locks are typically installed on doors that are thin.

    Hence, they are mostly used on terraces as well as on garden access doors.

    The mechanism is usually exposed on each of the sides.

    Bored Cylindrical Lock

    This type of lock usually has a doorknob with the lock combined into one mechanism.

    Hence, they are typically installed in locations or areas of the home that have the same purpose as that of a mortise lock.

    However, the difference between the two is that the bored cylindrical lock can be locked or unlocked from the interior simply by pushing a button.

    Hence, they are ideally placed in bathrooms, the bedroom, or your office.

    Multipoint Locks

    A multipoint lock is usually the most widespread in terms of the main access doors of the home.

    It is due to the fact that they can provide a high level of protection.

    Hence, their main feature usually includes having multiple bolts on its center, along with at the top and the bottom of the door.

    This type of lock is typically activated through a single internal system that is able to lock simultaneously.

    They are very secure and are hard to open forcefully.

    Digital Locks

    Digital locks are very similar to locks that are found in most hotels.

    They are available in different types as well as models and can be easily activated using an alpha-numeric code, a fingerprint, a mobile phone and app, and Bluetooth, among others.

    Hence, they are also known as smart locks.

    Which look is most suitable for which door?

    For armored doors, you should get a lock that offers the best security performance, such as a multipoint lock.

    For reinforced doors, on the other hand, a multipoint lock can likewise be able to strengthen their protection.

    For solid doors, you can opt for either the mortise locks or the cylindrical locks.

    Finally, for metallic doors, a cylindrical or a multipoint lock should suffice.

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