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    As opposed to replacing the whole doorknob, lock rekeying simply replaces the pins in the lock cylinder to accommodate the grooves of a new key.

    This is also a cheaper procedure that you can opt to do if your keys are lost or have been stolen.

    How Locks Work

    Locks are composed of a cylinder of pins and springs that need to be aligned with a corresponding key that allows the keyhole to turn and unlock the lock.

    The pins in a lock cylinder vary in length according to the grooves of a key, and if unaligned, the pins act as obstacles that prevent the plug from turning.

    Hence, if a key without the right grooves is inserted into a keyhole, the pins won’t align and the plug won’t turn.

    How to Rekey a Lock

    Rekeying a lock is quite simple, so you don’t necessarily need to hire a professional locksmith to do this.

    To do this, simply follow the steps below:

    What You’ll Need

    To rekey a lock, having a lock rekey kit on hand will make the process more convenient and successful.

    Of course, your new pre-cut key will need to be present as well.

    Step 1: Detach the Doorknob

    With the remover tool at the ready, turn the unlocked doorknob counterclockwise until the small hole in the hatch is visible.

    Once the hole is visible, insert and press in the remover tool to release the knob.

    Gently pulling at the released knob should detach it from the spindle.

    Step 2: Extract the Lock Cylinder and Remove the C-Clip

    Using the spanner tool in the kit to lift the cap off of the knob should allow you to remove the lock cylinder from the knob.

    With the same spanner, remove the C-Clip that is placed at the back of the cylinder.

    Step 3: Insert the Key in the Cylinder and Turn 45°

    While holding the cylinder firmly, insert the old key inside and turn it 45°.

    Step 4: Insert the Follower into the Back of the Cylinder

    With the old key inserted and turned at 45°, insert the follower included in the kit from behind the cylinder.

    Push the follower inside the cylinder until the plug is removed and do not remove it from there.

    This method allows the follower to maintain the pressure against the cylinder and prevent the springs and pins within from getting misplaced or jumping out.

    Step 5: Remove the Old Pins and Old Key from the Plug

    With the plug in hand, remove the old pins and the old key.

    Step 6: Insert the New Key and New Matching Pins in the Plug

    Insert the new key and new pins included in the lock rekey kit.

    The new key should have a code to indicate which pins are needed in order.

    You will know that you’ve placed the right pins if the top of the plug is level, with no pin being higher or lower than the surface of the plug.

    Step 7: Insert the Plug Back into the Cylinder at a 45° Angle

    With the new key still inserted in the plug and the new pins in place, insert the plug back into the cylinder at a 45° angle.

    Do this by pushing out the follower with the plug itself.

    After the plug is fully back in the cylinder, turn the key upright from its 45° position.

    Step 8: Return the C-Clip and Remove the Key

    Secure the new assembly by returning the C-Clip on the cylinder’s rear and remove the key.

    Ensure to keep track of your new key and dispose of the old key by giving it to a recycling center after everything has settled.

    Step 9: Reassemble the Doorknob

    Return the cylinder in the knob and place the cap back in.

    To return the knob on the door, align the slots from the spindle and the shank and simply push it back in.

    Once you hear a click after pushing, your doorknob should be ready to go.

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