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    Looking For a Panic Bar Installation Service Near You?

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    Safety panic bars were invented in the hopes of finding a solution to some unfortunate events.

    Back when there were fires and other issues in places where there are a lot of people, such as schools, theaters, and other buildings, these panic bars were installed so the people could easily and swiftly evacuate.

    Hence, some of the types of locks such as door latches were seen to be inefficient and unsafe for public safety.

    In other words, panic bars were invented in order to secure a door, but one that can easily open from the inside whenever panic ensues.

    This will allow easier evacuation and quick as well as safe escape from the buildings.

    Due to its ability to ensure safety, panic bars have also become normal.

    Hence, there are some regulations that exist in order to mandate the use of these bars for some instances.

    Many of the businesses opt to utilize panic bars even without the necessity for them.

    They are utilized for the purpose of ease and convenience, as well as an added benefit for safety improvement.

    If you are considering in upgrading your security and safety, here are some of the reasons why you need a panic bar door lock:

    For your safety.

    A door that is equipped with a panic bar can be opened quite easily by a simple push.

    Hence, in situations where fire can take place or when the family needs to evacuate, doors that have a panic bar door lock can easily be pried open.

    Moreover, the door will not hinder the efforts for escape, and the people can easily get out of the building.

    Most.doors often employ the use of a bottleneck, which can latch and can cause several issues, which could include falls and people being trampled.

    That is why there are fire standards and safety codes that mandate commercial buildings to equip their doors with panic bars.

    However, in order to make sure that there is proper installation as well as maintenance of the panic bars, you should only reach out to a locksmith that is trained as well as licensed to operate.

    For efficiency.

    Panic bars make it much easier to open a door quickly and easily.

    The design for panic bars has made it easier to operate compared to a doorknob or a lever handle.

    Moreover, the mechanisms of a panic bar door can be utilized without any problems, especially by the elderly and young kids.

    Furthermore, this ease of use is a huge advantage of installing your doors with panic bar door locks.

    For cost-effectiveness.

    The safety and the ease in its usage are ultimately a few of the reasons that can compel you to install panic bars on your doors.

    As an addition to those, you can rest assured that these bars are likewise a great option for cost-effectiveness.

    While many customers may prefer automatic doors, these are expensive and can require you to perform regular maintenance in order to ensure that it maintains its proper and safe operation.

    If the automatic door faces issues, the doors can easily be inoperable, which can lead to jeopardy in safety as well as inconvenience.

    Meanwhile, panic bars can offer a high level of coffee convenience for commercial businesses and can be less expensive.

    For the insurance discount.

    A lot of commercial insurance companies nowadays can offer establishments a particular discount whenever there are safety features that are implemented in the establishment.

    Hence, when there are instances where panic bars are not needed but are installed, either way, this can significantly increase the safety of the building.

    Ensuring the safety of a place beyond what is required often brings a positive note as well as a discount on the insurance policy of the property.

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