Deadbolt Installation

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    When it comes to the security of your home, you should make sure that it is top-notch.

    Problems oftentimes arise in terms of safety within the home.

    Especially with the situation today, it can be very dangerous if the home is not secured.

    With that said, deadbolts are known to be a popular mode of security.

    There can be a lot of reasons, which will be explained below.

    As such, here are some of the reasons why you should opt for a deadbolt installation.

    They ensure maximum protection.

    A deadbolt is a kind of lock that is characterized by its hardened steel bolt, which is in turn, extended into the jamb as well as the strike plate inside the frame of the order in order to lock it.

    According to experts, almost 60% of the burglaries that happen in homes involve forced entry.

    Hence, having a deadbolt of good quality can ultimately decrease the chances of your home being the next victim.

    However, in order for the deadbolt to be able to function properly, you will have to extend its steel bolt directly into the doorjamb’s socket.

    The hole should in turn be reinforced with a metal plate.

    If you do not, it will leave the lock as well as the frame of the door susceptible to forced entry.

    Whenever the door is kicked, the door frame will break, compared to the door itself being broken.

    Hence, you should make use of some screws in order to secure the strike plate properly into the studs of the door frame, and not just the jamb itself.

    The screw holes that are located in the reinforced strike place should also be reinforced so as to make sure that the screws are not drilled into the wood grain.

    They are tested and approved.

    Deadbolt locks have been approved and have undergone the ANSI Grade 1 as well as the tests for UL 437.

    The ANSI or otherwise known as the American National Standards Institute is a department that not-for-profit, which oversees the production of any standardized structure for a wide variety of industries.

    In order for a deadbolt to be recognized as a commercial-grade product, it has to follow first the specifications provided by the ANSI, which means that deadbolts are equipped with:

    • A bolt that projects one inch into the frame of the door.
    • The ability to open or close within 250,000 cycles
    • The ability to withstand ten hammer hits without any failure.

    On the other hand, the UL 437 test is enforced by the Underwriters Laboratories, which is an organization that is well known for its work that involves the standards for writing and testing products.

    Moreover, the UL 437 is the standard that is accepted for locks that have high security in the industry.

    This test requires that a lock should be able to resist a variety of attacks, which includes picking, prying, as well as drilling, and kore.

    There are a variety of options.

    There are various types of deadbolts, but the most basic one is the deadbolt that has a single-cylinder and a twist knob located on the inside that can open and close, along with a key on the outside.

    On the other hand, a double-cylinder deadbolt is another type but is not a common one.

    While it offers better security, it requires a special key that should be able to open or close the deadbolt from the outside as well as the inside of the door.

    If you have doors that have glasses or windows, these deadbolts are recommended since they can eradicate the risk of having an invader break the glass in order to reach the inside to open it.

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