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    A residential locksmith is a professional that is skilled in fixing and installing a variety of security mechanisms that are used to protect the property from any unwanted guests.

    Here are some of the services that we provide as a local locksmith:

    Key Duplication and Replacement

    One of the most basic services that are offered by a local locksmith is key copying and replacement.

    If you have just moved to a new home or have purchased a new car, it is always recommended that you get a duplicate copy of the original key to your locks.

    The duplicate key is made as a backup to the original one, just in case, it gets lost in the process of everyday life.

    Even if the original key has been lost, the residential locksmith in Mississauga should be able to replace it no matter what.

    Make sure to inquire and ask first, as not all locksmiths may be able to provide this service.

    Lock Installation

    If you want to improve the security of your home or your building, you should hire a professional locksmith in order to install high-security locks inside the property.

    These high-security locks prevent manipulation as well as tool insertion so they are highly durable and can protect you against forced entry.

    As a bonus, the local locksmith also has the authority to make a copy of the keys, should you ask for it.

    Moreover, they might be quite expensive, but the level of security is definitely worth it.

    Electronic Access Installation

    There are various local locksmiths today that have the ability to install security systems that permit you to enter electronically as well as exit a building or a car.

    There are various types of electronic access, which can include remote systems, intercom systems, proximity card readers, and keypad entry systems.

    These electronic locks are seen as a popular choice simply because they can be programmed quite easily especially in times where the mechanical locks need changing.

    Moreover, having electronic access means also having a great way to give keyless entry to your workers as well as tenants, and keep a record of who has been entering and exiting the building.

    Safe Selection and Installation

    There are some locksmith shops that may also provide safe services.

    Hence, if you need any advice about a safe, you can go to a local safe as well as lock store.

    They can give you advice and even teach you how to effectively secure the valuables that you have.

    Furthermore, there are also a lot of different factors that you have to consider before buying a safe.

    It includes the size, the fire rating, and the ability to withstand any force attacks that might be caused by saws, drills, and more.

    Door and Window Lock Repair

    If you have a broken lock on your door or window, it does not automatically mean that you need to buy a new one.

    There are some locks that are ultimately designed to be fixed easily, which is a somewhat cheaper choice rather than replacing the lock.

    A local locksmith should have the ability to determine the problem and identify if it is a good idea to replace the lock entirely.


    Rekeying a building is a job that requires the realigning or changing of the pins that are inside a lock.

    In return, this can stop the old keys from working on the property, should they be stolen by a stranger or not returned by the previous employee or tenant that has not returned it.

    It is mandatory that you do this for the safety of the home or the building.

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