Door Closer Installation

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    The purpose of a door closer is to ensure that the door is automatically closed after it has been opened.

    It is far more secure and can prevent any security issues.

    There are closers that feature dampers, which offer a high level of control over the force as well as the speed at which the door is able to close.

    This particular damper is imperative on specifically heavy doors.

    The correct adjustment, as well as the closure speed, can also prevent any injury from happening to a child or a disabled person, and anyone who is not able to move swiftly, or simply anyone who has heavy things lifted.

    Furthermore, a door closer will make sure that the entrance to the door has been securely closed after someone has passed through it.

    This will help the property from being susceptible to crimes and other forces.

    There are also closers that are equipped with a backcheck facility that can prevent the door from being pried opened quickly.

    This can occur on external doors, especially during strong winds, when the door can easily be blown open at a high velocity.

    Moreover, a door that has been blown open at a fast rate could cause damage to either the door or its doorframe, which can cause you a lot of money.

    When should you replace a door closer?

    There will be times when you will have to replace the door closer, as with any other mechanical item.

    Some of the factors that contribute to this are the following:

    • If the door is no longer fully closing and adjusting, it simply cannot solve the problem.

    The essence of a door closer is to make sure that the door is fully closed during dangerous times, such as fires or unwanted guests.

    When it fails to protect you, it should be replaced immediately.

    • If the door has been slamming.

    If the door has been repeatedly slamming, then it might be possible that is hydraulic fluid as well as oil has been leaked out, or the valve seals have been worn out.

    If this adjustment does not work, then it is time to replace it.

    • If the door closer does not have spring tension.

    It is likely that the spring is also broken and so it is necessary to have it replaced.

    • If the hydraulic fluid has been leaking.

    The absence of this hydraulic fluid could cause the door to fail and it can happen at any given time.

    Door Closer Installation

    There are a variety of door closers that are available, but they have the same function and the same installation procedure.

    The most common type of door closer installation is labeled as the regular arm installation.

    This is the time when the door closer is then installed on the side where the hinge is of an in-swing door.

    How to Install a Door Closer

    First, you will have to select the opening of the door and then mark four holes on the door and then two on the frame for the arm shoe.

    Next, you will need to drill some pilot holes in the door and on its frame by making use of all-purpose screws as well as machine screws.

    You will need to install the forearm shoe assembly to the frame by making use of the screws that have been provided.

    Simply mount the door closer to the door utilizing the screws.

    Then, install the main arm to the top pinion shaft that is in perpendicular to the door.

    Afterward, secure it using the arm screw assembly.

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