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    Locksmiths are people specializing in making and repairing locks, including auto, residential, and commercial locks.

    When locks malfunction, the first choice of people would be to call for help from locksmiths.

    However, not all locksmiths offer mobile services; meaning, people have to go to their shop to receive the help they need.

    This can be quite inconvenient, as this requires disassembling home locks or bringing your car to the shop, which only adds unnecessary hassle and inconvenience.

    For this reason, mobile locksmith services are the best option to get help during emergencies involving locks.

    What We Can Help You With

    If you’re looking for a mobile locksmith in Mississauga, Arrowhead Locksmith is the best option for you.

    With our wide range of services, you can rest assured that we will handle whatever problem you may have.

    Simply give us a call to avail of any of the following mobile services:

    Car Lockouts

    Have you experienced accidentally leaving your keys inside your car and locking yourself out?

    Indeed, this situation is frustrating and frightening at the same time.

    During car lockouts, you’re not only stressing about how to open your car without your keys; you’re also worrying about possible dangers you might encounter as you’re stuck outside.

    However, all hope is not lost as long as you have our mobile locksmith in your contacts.

    Simply give us a call and we’ll have a locksmith on the way.

    We help car lockouts by bringing and using tools that allow us to unlock your car locks safely and damage-free.


    After experiencing a break-in, homeowners can get traumatized.

    Often, they stress about thinking that their locks could be picked again.

    One way to ease this stress is to change the locks, even if undamaged, as soon as possible, and with our mobile locksmith services, this is easily solved.

    What’s more, you don’t need to wait until the next day before we change your locks; we can do it soon after you give us a call.


    What’s frustrating about locks malfunctioning is that it happens unpredictably, more so during urgent times.

    Malfunctions are especially common among older and worn-out locks, so it shouldn’t come as a shock if your aged locks break out of nowhere.

    Regardless, we can help you with this issue also.

    Moreover, our mobile service ensures that your options are not limited, so you can choose to either only repair your malfunctioning lock, or completely replace it.

    24-Hour Locksmith

    Problems with your locks and keys are always unforeseeable, and we understand that.

    With that in mind, we make sure to keep our services open all the time, so that when you’re in dire need of help, you can always rely on us.

    Whatever problem you may have with your locks and keys, we’ll handle it for you at any time of the day.

    What We Provide

    As service providers, Arrowhead Locksmith ensures to incorporate customer-centered values in every job our locksmiths take.

    Alongside the help we give as locksmiths, the following benefits are what we always deliver:


    We work to guarantee that your convenience is not compromised at all times.

    All you have to do is give us a call, and we’ll come to you to do all the handy work so you don’t have to.


    As technicians, we are trained to complete tasks by addressing only what needs to be dealt with.

    If the problem only requires rekeying the lock, then we won’t advise you to change your whole doorknob, which is a more expensive option.

    With this mindset, we guarantee our customers only the most affordable options.


    Our employees are trained to acquire the necessary skills of a professional locksmith.

    Hence, you can trust us to deliver what we advertise: only the best locksmith services.

    Peace of Mind

    We offer peace of mind by ensuring that each job we take is successful and completed as soon as possible.

    With our fast services, you don’t have to worry any longer about when your lock will get fixed, and with our expertise, you don’t have to worry about the quality of your locks.

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