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    Since the 1800s, file cabinets have been in use as a hidden storage space.

    In contemporary times, they are present in both households and offices around the world.

    What’s more, they come with file cabinet locks that guarantee the safety of the contents inside, from mementos, money, to important documents.

    Due to its functionality and effectiveness as a safe hiding space, it is quite high in demand and continues to be so.

    At Arrowhead Locksmith, we understand our customer needs; hence, we do our best to provide you with our services to ensure that your demands are always met.

    Below are the locksmith services concerning file cabinet locks that we offer:


    Not all file cabinets come with locks, which can be quite unfortunate especially if a specific design is to your type.

    Worry not, because Arrowhead Locksmith can install file cabinet locks for you!

    Buy that good-looking cabinet now and we’ll handle all the necessary security additions for you.

    What’s more, we provide you with the option of choosing among the best locks to guarantee the maximum protection of your property.

    Below is a short list of the types of file cabinet locks you can choose from:

    • Cylinder Locks – This option is perfect for master key systems.
    • Chicago Locks – This option is the standard in file cabinets that come with pre-installed locks.
    • Disk Tumblers – This option is perfect for constant use as it can withstand wear and tear.
    • Lock Bars – This option is an external bar that can be taken out during use and reaffixed when the night comes.
    • Combination Locks – This option is keyless and only requires encoding a combination.
    • High-Tech Locks – This option includes electronic keypads and other locks that come with alarms.
    • More – We make sure to be open to suggestions from you, especially with locks not part of the list.

    Maintenance and Repair

    Locks can wear out over time, especially with constant locking and unlocking; hence, we keep our services open for maintenance and repair jobs.

    If your office requires your security to be at its maximum at all times, we offer regular maintenance.

    Otherwise, if you notice that any of your file cabinet locks are not working as they should be, we offer repairs.

    We are equipped with the right tools to ensure that your locks function as good as new in no time.


    After constant wear and tear, it is unavoidable for locks to break and become useless after some time.

    During the time that a lock breaks, getting a replacement is the safest and best option to ensure that your property’s security is recovered fast.

    Not only will this option extend the security of your file cabinet’s safety, but it also guarantees maximum security.

    What’s more, at Arrowhead Locksmith, you get the option of retaining the same brand or upgrading to a new brand of lock for the replacement.

    Lockout Response

    Lockouts are common among those whose file cabinet locks require a key to open, and often arise due to a lost or stolen key.

    During instances like this, it is safer to avoid any DIY methods of unlocking the lock without the original key.

    This is because people do not have the right tools to safely open the lock, which can result in damaging it and having to pay more for repairs or replacement.

    If you experience a lockout, simply give Arrowhead Locksmith a call and we’ll be on the way to you bringing the right tools to unlock your file cabinet safely.

    Broken Key Response

    Broken key incidents typically happen in busy spaces, like the office, where keys are handled more roughly, especially while they are inside the locks.

    Once a key breaks off while it’s inserted, there’s really not much you can do without the right tools; hence, it would be better to call for a locksmith right away.

    With Arrowhead Locksmith, our mobile locksmith services guarantee to solve the problem so you can resume operations in your office as soon as possible.

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