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    Locksmiths are experts in making and repairing locks, either in auto, residential, or commercial spaces.

    When you have issues with any of your locks or keys, the best people to call for help would definitely be locksmiths.

    Besides the mechanical skill, locksmiths are equipped with tools that are necessary for dealing with locks, either for repair, replacement, or installment.

    Moreover, depending on the issue, repairs only take from minutes to hours, and never more than a day.

    Locksmith Services

    Arrowhead Locksmith is a company of professional locksmiths that offer various services, including the following:

    Key Duplication and Replacement

    Spare keys are a necessity that can help you out during emergencies, which is why you must always have one for all your keys.

    Besides repairing locks, we also provide key duplication services.

    If you need a spare key, simply provide us your original key and we’ll have as many spares as you want to be handed to you.

    If you don’t have an original key that we can use as a template, don’t worry; we can get you a replacement instead.

    Broken Key Removal

    Accidentally breaking your key while it’s in the lock can be frustrating, especially in time crunch situations.

    There’s no way for you to get it out without having to take the time to do a DIY fix.

    As locksmiths, we are equipped with the right tools to get the broken key out quickly and easily.

    Save yourself the time and effort by calling us to remove your broken key for you!

    Moreover, you can even ask us for a replacement at the same time.

    Lock Repair, Replacement, and Installment

    Sometimes, the problem isn’t with your key, but the lock itself.

    In contrast to keys, problems with the lock require more expertise to address, which is what our technicians at Arrowhead Locksmith are equipped with.

    Call us to do the more complicated and stressful task involving your locks.

    Whether it be for repairs, a replacement, or installment, we can do it all for you!

    Lock Rekeying

    Do you want to change your keys but don’t want to spend expensively on new locks?

    No problem, Arrowhead Locksmith also offers lock rekeying!

    When rekeying a lock, we only need your new key and access to the locks that you want to be rekeyed.

    Our efficiency guarantees to deliver expertise and skill at an affordable price.

    Lockout Services

    If you’ve accidentally left keys locked inside or lost the keys needed to open a lock, we offer lockout services.

    We help open locks that otherwise need a specific key to open, without needing that key’s presence.

    At Arrowhead Locksmith, we can handle car, home, safe, and more lockout services for you.

    Arrowhead Locksmith

    Arrowhead Locksmith is a company of expert locksmiths offering various services that involve locks and keys.

    Hiring us will not only provide you with solutions but also the following benefits:

    Skilled and Professional Craftsmanship

    Our locksmiths are well-trained in the field and have acquired the necessary skills needed to succeed in every task.

    Whatever help you may need, our locksmiths are sure to meet your demands and standards with professionalism and respect.

    We ensure to deliver what you called us for and more.

    Efficient Locksmiths

    With every job we take, we ensure to be efficient from start to finish.

    Our efficiency ensures that we take only the necessary action needed to solve your problem, without skipping a single step.

    This serves as an assurance of your time and money by charging you only for what you need.


    A locksmith is knowledgeable about lock systems and the problems in them that cause malfunctions.

    As experts in the field, we value honesty towards our customers, so we truthfully impart what we know in simpler terms so you can also have an understanding of what the problem is.

    We also ensure to elaborate on the solutions so you can make an educated decision.

    Available Anytime, Anywhere

    Besides the convenience of having us do everything for you, we also offer the convenience of being available at all times.

    We’re aware that problems with locks can arise anytime; hence, we’ve opened our services to be available for 24 hours, so you don’t have to worry about whatever time it is.

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