Master Key Lock System

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    Locks are essential tools that not only provide security to people and property but also convenience in doing so.

    By being paired with keys, locks are convenient in that they don’t permanently seal something.

    Moreover, there are different locks nowadays to cater to the varying needs of the people that need them.

    From padlocks, deadbolts, knob locks, to many more others, people are left with a wide range of options.

    Not to mention, lock systems also exist to satisfy the security requirements of each structure that a lock system needs to protect, and one of these systems is the master key lock system.

    What It Is

    A master key lock system is commonly used in establishments with many doors or entrances.

    Evidently, it utilizes a group of locks and the necessary keys that unlock them as a measure of security.

    The keys involved in this system have a hierarchy; the keys at the ‘bottom’ only unlock one lock each, while only one key, the master key, at the ‘top’ can unlock a huge number of locks.

    Of course, this is a complex system that requires extensive planning before actually recording keys, keying cylinders, and cutting the keys.

    It is also worth noting that the system’s level of security depends on the master key levels: the fewer the levels, the more secure the system is.


    The complexity involved in a master key lock system might seem intimidating; however, it is a security system that provides various advantages for you and your building.

    The following are the benefits of a master key system:


    Master key systems are pre-planned and designed to cater to the needs of a building and the people using it.

    This fact remains true regardless of what type of building it is, whether it be residential or commercial.

    The preparations are immense and require the active participation of both the locksmiths involved and the clients.

    This participation ensures that the locksmiths understand what they need to do to get what the client specifically wants.

    Fewer Keys Needed

    Without a master key lock system, a person will need to have a key for each of the locks in the building.

    Moreover, if management wants to have more than one person to hold a key for all rooms, the number of keys will be duplicated as much.

    As opposed to this, having a master key lock system will have fewer keys needed due to the fact that the master key alone can fit into different locks.

    Moreover, maintenance and janitorial can easily breeze through the building without needing to fumble through a heavy key ring.

    More Organized

    Organizing a large number of keys can be stressful and confusing.

    With a master key lock system that only needs fewer keys, however, this task is more manageable.

    Moreover, it’s easier to hand out one key to employees to match their authority with the key’s hierarchy, as compared to having to hand out each employee with various keys.

    More Control

    As building owners, you need to keep track of every key that allows access to your premises and every person that has access to the keys.

    Unfortunately, this is difficult to manage with a huge number of keys assigned to different employees.

    With a master lock system, however, it is easier to oversee the security of your building.

    Moreover, it is easier to hold the right employees accountable in cases of theft or burglary in a specific area of the building.

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